Joy, Love & Rainbows
July 01, 2022

Joy, Love & Rainbows

Joy, Love & Rainbows | Mykey O’Halloran

In the spirit of Pride Month, I wanted to invite someone that truly inspires me and that is Mykey O’Halloran. He has had one heck of a journey trying to express himself, and it even made global news with the pushback he got. But he still manages to live in his joy and share that with others every single day.

Mykey O’Halloran a hair artist that just wants to make people feel good and does so using vibrant rainbow colors creating award-winning hairstyles and custom wigs with Unicorn Manes. Mykey works with some of the world’s best drag and LGBT+ performers including Art Simone and Mark Kanemura.


Show Notes

  • The Obsession Starts [1:44]
  • Violent Pushback for Self-Expression [5:50]
  • Nana Goes Rainbow [13:49]
  • Tour of the Rainbow House [20:53]
  • The Joy of Rainbows [25:30]

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