Journey Back to Gymnastics after an 8-Year Break
April 11, 2022

Journey Back to Gymnastics after an 8-Year Break


Journey Back to Gymnastics after an 8-Year Break | Chellsie Memmel

Subconsciously, it's not hard to start believing that we cannot achieve something due to preconceived ideas of our capabilities. However, I've been seeing more and more people challenging the status quo, embracing who they are, and changing the dialogue. For me, there is real beauty in that. This week's guest, Chellsie Memmel, is an American gymnast and is the third U.S. woman to achieve world all-around gold. She has earned a total of six world medals and helped the U.S. team win the Olympic silver medal by pulling off the performance, despite a broken bone in her ankle. After retiring in her early 20s, she got married, had two beautiful children, and was working. But eight years after her retirement, she decided to train for the U.S. Olympic trials at 32 years of age, in a world where being in your 20s will put you in the category of Geriatrics. Taking that leap at 32 took a strength of character that is powerfully beautiful. 

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Parental support system [4:45]

Give it a go [7:42]

Body changes after children [9:15]

Different approach to training young [10:31]

Power in your mentality [13:17]

Unsustainable quick fixes [18:51]

Giving kids the freedom to find their passion [23:25]

Happiness helps your focus [25:50]


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