Integrative Wholistic Dentistry
March 04, 2022

Integrative Wholistic Dentistry


Integrative Wholistic Dentistry | Dr. Sharon Huang

Today's guest is Dr. Sharon Huang, the founder of Les Belles NYC, one of the fastest-growing dental practices in Manhattan. Her specialty is cosmetic dentistry. However, her passion for her clients' dental health is that one-two punch for that beautiful smile. Dr. Huang will give us some straightforward advice on good dental health without breaking the bank while sharing one of her newest innovations in dentistry that is quickly becoming the best anti-aging treatment, making patients look younger.

This podcast is to bring information and different perspectives on a variety of topics. But you should always consult with a professional or doctor that can speak to your needs.


Choosing cosmetic dentistry [2:34]

The correlation between physical and dental health [4:34]

What type of floss should you use? [8:04]

The basic steps to dental oral care at home [11:26]

A new smile can change your life [15:53]

The impact of a smile [19:53]

All about teeth whitening [21:10]

Veneers: the lost art of dentistry [26:42]

The difference between getting veneers and orthodontia [32:11]

You have to find your perfect fit [36:14]



The way we smile, how we smile, and the confidence that we get from our smile has such a huge impact on how we show up to the world and how we connect to people.

Handmade veneers are a lost art. People want things faster, they want them cheaper, and want them immediately. With a machine, you hit a button and you can get a set of veneers tomorrow.

At the end of the day, cosmetic dentistry is an art. Everyone's art is different. There are no two pieces that look the same, it's customized. So I think finding the perfect fit is really important. 

Our face and our smile is our expression of joy, and love and excitement about life. A smile can change your whole perspective.

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