I Use Skincare For My Mental Health | Vi Lai
September 23, 2021

I Use Skincare For My Mental Health | Vi Lai


I Use Skincare For My Mental Health(Vi Lai)

Vi Lai, otherwise known on Instagram and TikTok handles as @whatsonvisface, is a social media and beauty influencer. She has a huge following and practically blew up overnight. Originally, our conversation was supposed to be about skincare and recommendations, but took a deep dive into the good that social media influencers can do for the world as well as navigating overnight fame. 

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I use skincare for my mental health [1:56]

Listen but always verify [5:45]

Face is trauma [9:38]

I am trying to do things my way [14:42]

You get what you deserve [17:04]

We are not going to name names [19:13]

How Vi Lai went viral [20:53]

Being transparent and candid [26:04]

How 2020 affected mental health [29:12]



Listen but always verify. Don't let people take advantage of your insecurities. On social media, people go viral for being shocking, but they may not carry the truth. 

Fame is trauma. It's also addictive. It gives you that temporary fix. If you don't know who you are, you'll be chasing it more and more, then you eventually don't take care of yourself.

As you grow an audience, people feel entitled to your time, opinion, and the information that you share. I want to grow as a person, and therefore I want to be responsible with my voice. 

If you're not crazy after what we just went through, I don't trust you. You're either way too healthy, or not a real human. I don't see how you can walk away from 2020 unaffected by it.

People will like you for who you are. They want you to be well. It's not like they unfollow you overnight. They're still gonna be when you haven't posted for two weeks or two months.

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