How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse
January 24, 2022

How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse

How to Become an Aesthetic Nurse | Joanna

What are your preconceived ideas about botox and injectables? Today we are speaking with Joanna the Nurse. She is very popular on Instagram and TikTok. She creates solutions for people that are natural and don't involve surgery. We're going to get the scoop on all kinds of injectables, the different ways that you can use them, how they can benefit you, and a few tips and tricks.

This podcast is to bring information and different perspectives on a variety of topics. But you should always consult with a professional or doctor that can speak to your needs.

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Becoming an aesthetic nurse [2:28]

New generation uses injectables for different reasons [4:01]

The worries of first-timers [5:32]

Significant others worry about change [8:11]

Injectables: an alternative to plastic surgery [9:31]

Getting on the same page with the patient [11:20]

Limited down time expected [13:18]

Botox terms [14:23]

Baby botox [15:16]

Misconception about botox [18:34]

Treatments for aging [20:24]

Common injectables on the body [21:45]

On finding a good provider [23:18]



The younger generation uses injectables for enhancements.

Injectables are an alternative to plastic surgery.

People don't want to look unnatural.

Significant others glare during consultations, ​worried about change.

For aging, a combination of treatments is best.

There’s a growing market for injectables.

I get on the same page as the patient before I start injecting.

An actual referral is the best way to find a good provider.

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