Fitness That Rox!
July 11, 2022

Fitness That Rox!

Fitness That Rox! | Noelle Rox

Ever speak to someone that gets you so jazzed up that you felt like you could conquer the world once you were done talking to them? Well, this week we talk with Noelle Rox. She certainly has that effect on me and her clients as well. She’s the founder of Pilates Rox, but for me her journey and all the different trials and tribulations she has gone through, yet still making people laugh and makes them believe they can do something that they didn’t think they could do before. Don’t we all need someone like that?


Noelle Rox is a celebrity trainer and founder of Pilates Rox, which is considered one of the top training centers in Los Angeles. Noelle’s vast knowledge of all things Pilates and fitness, paired with a warm, charismatic and caring personality has made her one of the most popular fitness personalities in the U.S.




Show Notes

  • From Stunt Woman to Pilates Star [1:46]
  • Making Workouts Fun [7:29]
  • Pilates: Physical and Mental Health [10:58]
  • Accessibility of Pilates [17:29]
  • Importance of Functional Fitness [20:12]
  • Overcoming the Struggle of the First Step [25:10]
  • Finding Your Courage [32:14]

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