Financial Feminism and Money Education
September 02, 2022

Financial Feminism and Money Education


Financial Feminism and Money Education | Tori Dunlap

One of our great things about Beauty Uncovered is that we're always looking for different ways to find beauty in life, and part of that is a good, healthy financial life. I’ve been obsessed with Tori Dunlap’s podcast, Financial Feminist, for a long time and share it with everyone. On today’s episode, we talk with the creator of Her First $100K about financial freedom, where to start, and the systemic oppression that holds back so many people.


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Show Notes:

Becoming a Money Expert [1:01]

Systemic Oppression of Money and Finance [3:49]

The Privilege of Finance Knowledge [10:54]

The First Steps of Financial Freedom [15:40]

Are Stocks a Good Idea Right Now? [20:22]

Never Too Old to Start Saving [23:28]

Is College Debt Worth It? [28:30]

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