Fighting Stress with Herbal Remedies
July 11, 2022

Fighting Stress with Herbal Remedies

Fighting Stress with Herbal Remedies | Alisa Pospekhova

More and more often, we’re looking for natural remedies to our everyday problems instead of popping more pills. Today we talk with Alisa Pospekhova, founder of Kindroot, and she gives us a bit of information about some of the herbs or herbal remedies out there that can help with those problems. We talk about Kindroot’s plant lozenges and adaptogens that can help with sleep issues, stress and more.


Alisa Pospekhova is the founder of Kindroot that has created natural, plant-based lozenges that are delicious and effective to treat all things stress-related.



Show Notes

  • From Herbal Apprentice to CEO [1:35]
  • Say Goodbye to Witch’s Brew [4:29]
  • From Powders to Gummies to Lozenges [7:20]
  • Ashwagandha and Adaptogens [11:21]
  • Benefits of Different Products [16:33]
  • Bringing More Innovation to Natural Remedies [21:57]

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