Fashion is Fleeting but Style is Forever
August 25, 2022

Fashion is Fleeting but Style is Forever

Fashion is Fleeting but Style is Forever | Kristina Pernfors

We all might like looking at the new trends on our favorite fashion websites or what the current celebrities are wearing, but creating your own personal style is a tad more complicated. Kristina Pernfors, an image and interior style specialist, gives us the information we need to create our personal style that looks good on our bodies and shows the world what we want them to see. We talk about finding the right fit, the power of alterations, and finding the color palette for your skin.

Kristina Pernfors is an image and interior style specialist and the CEO & founder of Aesthetics & Style. Kristina has also has aTEDx talk, Everything About You Speaks!, that is a must-listen, and she has adigital style bootcamp so that you can revamp your style.


Show Notes

  • Getting Started in the Style Business [1:32]
  • The TED Talk You Have to See [4:35]
  • Pros and Cons of a Capsule Wardrobe [5:37]
  • Where Your Style Starts [7:19]
  • Profession VS Personal Style [10:45]
  • The Right Fit is an Ah Ha! Moment [12:45]
  • Alterations are Magic [14:28]
  • Applying Color Theory to Your Closet [21:50]
  • Digital Style Bootcamp [25:30]

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