End Abuse For Good
July 26, 2021

End Abuse For Good


End Abuse For Good(Aryn Quinn)

I'm so happy today because I have Aryn Quinn on for our podcast today. She is the founder of We Care, which supports women and children, survivors of domestic violence. They are the leaders in education to prevent abuse.

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Aryn Quinn’s background [0:27]

You can’t accept love in survival mode [1:43]

The power of giving back [10:56]

This is a mental health issue [12:30]

We Care organization [16:47]

Be kind to yourself [22:36]

The 8 signs of domestic abuse [32:05]

It can be hard to walk away [36:49]

Step out of your comfort zone [40:18]

It will meet you where you’re at [43:35]

Possessiveness is not romantic [45:54]

Narcissists love how you love them [50:06]

Today’s a new day [54:51]



I didn't go to beauty school until I was 39. And the reason I got into this industry is that I wanted to empower other women. I wanted women to feel the best that they possibly could. 

It's hard to accept love when you are in pure survival mode.

We are all to some degree walking wounded. And this isn't just reading a book and pulling yourself together, this is a mental health issue.

The loving touch and kind words of another human being on your worst day can turn an entire life around.

Even at the end of life, dignity matters. Having clean hair and smelling nice matters. Human beings need their dignity. 

You don't witness domestic violence as a child, you're the victim. Even if your parents never laid a hand on each other, but you grew up with screaming, shouting and threats. You lived that.

Intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, compassionate, empathetic, caring people are the ones who get sucked into abusive relationships. It's very hard to walk away. That is a biological fact.

When you step out of your comfort zone, the world gathers to meet with you.

Follow your heart and get out there because the world will meet you inside your box with the lid and out in the field running around in the sunshine. It's gonna meet you wherever you're at. 

People who are narcissistic, are not in love with you. They're in love with how you're in love with them. 

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