Curly Hair Extravaganza!
July 11, 2022

Curly Hair Extravaganza!

Curly Hair Extravaganza! | Coko Taft

As a Happy Birthday to Olaplex, we’re giving you a second episode this week! Coko Taft, known on her social media as @cokothenatural, is a Curl Expert and shares with us her expansive knowledge and wisdom when it comes to taking care of curly hair, because if you have curly hair, you know what a challenge it is. Danielle and Coko talk about those challenges, treatments to overcome them, and everyday curly hair care.


Coko Taft is a Curl Expert and Curl Coach, educating others on curly hair care and has a passion for hair since she was only 14. Coko has a passion for Olaplex products as tried-and-true treatments for all hair and especially those with curls.



Show Notes

  • Passion for Hair and Olaplex [1:13]
  • Olaplex in the Curly Hair World [3:10]
  • Hair Dysmorphia [7:00]
  • Hair Care for Different Hair Types [10:47]
  • Finding Stylists that Know Curly Hair [15:08]
  • Buckets of Water TikTok Trend [20:23]
  • Products for Caring for Curly Hair [24:51]
  • The Power of a Clarifying Treatment [30:52]
  • Summer Hair Care [32:45]

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