Clinical Skincare (Murad’s Annie Woo)
May 03, 2021

Clinical Skincare (Murad’s Annie Woo)

Clinical Skincare (Murad’s Annie Woo)

Today we have a fantastic guest. It is the Vice President of global education of Murad, Annie Woo. Annie was in her residency at medical school, when she realized it wasn’t the right career path for her. So, she sought out the furthest occupation she could think of: behind the counter of a skincare counter at Nordstroms in Los Angeles. Her talking to customers at the store started her on her incredible career in the beauty industry. 

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How Annie got involved with skincare [00:58]
The most basic foundational steps of skincare [02:29]
The importance of sunscreen [05:26]
The next real building blocks of healthy skin [08:43]
The future of skincare [23:29]



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Cleaning is the most important part of skincare. It doesn't have to be super fancy or complicated, just something that removes dirt, oil, and makeup off of the skin without stripping it

How your skin feels after you cleanse is a really good indicator of what cleanser is right for you. Your skin shouldn't feel squeaky clean or tight. It should feel comfortable.

Nothing else you do matters if you're not wearing your sunscreen. Pick one you enjoy putting on and want to wear every day because consistency is really what matters with sunscreen

A lot of people don't quite use enough sunscreen. You should use at least half a teaspoon on your face, and a shot glass size on your body. Using the right amount of sunscreen is key.

Vitamin C is one of the most researched ingredients, and is known for brightening and anti-aging. It acts as a 2nd layer for the skin protecting from, but also correcting, sun damage

Retinol really helps to increase cell turnover, which helps with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and breakouts. Because it acts as an all-in-one, it gives you the most value. 

I really recommend professional facials. When your skin concerns are really causing you to not feel like yourself, and it's impacting you, going to a professional is a good idea.

We live in a culture where people are very impatient, they always want results tomorrow. And skincare just doesn't happen overnight. It's just about consistency.

It's really about the health of your skin. So, even if you manipulate skin that's not healthy, it won't give you the outcome that you're looking for. 

I've met so many people in the beauty industry whose drive is really to help make people feel better about themselves. They are just so passionate, which is what I love about it.


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