Breaking the Case Wide Open
January 03, 2023

Breaking the Case Wide Open


Breaking the Case Wide Open | Emily D. Baker

We know all that community is important, and this wonderful person has started a community some of us didn’t even know we needed. Legal stuff is confusing, frustrating and sometimes just sounds bonkers. Emily D. Baker (@theemilydbaker) joins us with all her expertise to break down the legal stuff we need to understand. She talks about the amazing community that has been built around The Emily Show, the ins and outs of being a content creator, and the social life of pop culture.

Emily D. Baker is a legal commentator and content creator. She’s the host of  The Emily Show  and has a very popular  YouTube channel. Emily received her law degree from Southwestern Law School and was the Deputy District Attorney in LA for over 10 years. She has covered and broken down the celebrity trials of Brittany Spears and Amber Heard/Johnny Depp and continues to break down the law in ways non-lawyers can understand.


Show Notes

  • From Lawyer to YouTube Star [2:44]
  • Big Trials Need Big Stamina [10:00]
  • Making Celebrity Trials Interactive [14:56]
  • Unexpected Voices Found During Trials [18:26]
  • The Sword of Social Media [23:55]
  • The Community and a Safe Place [28:12]
  • Adjusting to a New Life [35:03]
  • Tackling the Taboo [41:19]
  • Let’s Talk Whiskey [47:29]

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