Breaking Beauty Barriers
April 11, 2022

Breaking Beauty Barriers

Breaking Beauty Barriers | Darcei Giles

What do you think it takes to become a social media sensation in beauty? Today we're going to find out. We're talking to Darcei Giles, also known on social media as MissDarcei. She's been at this for quite a while. But, what was that turning point that suddenly made her blow up? Also, she will talk about a few of her favorite hacks and which ones didn't go so well.

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You have to start somewhere [1:43]

I decided to stop copying others [3:35]

Trying new things [4:37]

Makeup fouls [9:01]

Give yourself confidence [14:10]

Being yourself is what’s cool [16:07]

The only way to get good at something [17:57]


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