Beauty Redefined
November 14, 2021

Beauty Redefined

Beauty Redefined | Michelle Philips

Today's guest is Michelle Philips, a leading authority in the beauty industry. For close to twenty years, she worked with some of the most influential and talented celebs in the world of entertainment, sports, and politics. In addition, Michelle has appeared as a host and guest host on multiple Networks, such as HGTV, Oxygen, CW. I love her because she is a well-known women's empowerment coach and the best-selling author of "The Beauty Blueprint." Today we will dive deep into that book and some of the steps you can take to embrace your beauty.

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Michelle’s background [1:18]

Mom taught me go for dreams [5:20]

Caught between [5:49]

How it started [9:03]

Be your own best friend [14:05]

From one job to another [15:49]

Need to focus [17:23]

Stop comparing [20:16]

Unrecognizable [22:04]

Stay true to yourself [22:39]

There’s a reason for everything [24:17]

Women supporting women [27:22]



I wanted to change my life for myself and my children.

Be your own best friend.

I had to focus and stop being so afraid.

Women need to stop the comparison trap in order to excel.

People don't recognize me in my workout classes.

Staying true to ourselves will inspire others.

I had tough experiences and now I can teach and help others.

Someone is always going through a change or a struggle that needs help.

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