Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed
June 28, 2022

Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed | Amber Milt

Recently, I was the guest on the wildly podcast called Art Beauty, and the host, Amber Milt, is also the senior director of video for New Beauty Magazine. Now, she is exposed to all the innovative, newest trends out there in beauty. So I thought, you know what? I want to talk about anti-aging beauty secrets. The stuff they do in the offices, the noninvasive procedures. She gets exposed to all these gadgets and gizmos, and I want to know about them. Do they actually work?

She’s tried it all, and she’s had great successes and some epic failures. And she’s going to tell us all about it.


Show Notes

Beauty and Skincare Trends [2:32]

An Experienced Professional is Key [5:17]

Handling Bruising After Procedures [7:08]

Research Reveals Fascinating Info [9:54]

Be Wary of Before/After Pictures [13:18]

Weighing Benefits and Risks of Procedures [14:01]

Timing Your Recovery [15:20]

Results Can Vary [19:53]

Actualizing the Vision of Yourself [25:40]

LED Light Mask Kick-Starts Your Cells [33:08]

Finding Product That Works For You [37:49]

The Clinicals Matter [39:51]

Adding Retinol to Your Routine [42:27]

Fight Aging with SPF [45:15]

New At-Home Facials [47:53]

The Sun Spot That Won’t Go Away [50:04]

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