Achieve Your Transformation
January 03, 2022

Achieve Your Transformation


Achieve Your Transformation| Garrett Hawkins

Today we are celebrating our first episode of Beauty Uncovered in 2022. Let's talk about our resolutions. Did you know that, in multiple surveys, the number one New Year's resolution is to get fit? Today's guest is Garrett Hawkins, a personal trainer, and a transformation specialist. He's going to share some straightforward advice on how you can stick to that promise to yourself and achieve your very own transformation. 

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You have to find a program that works for you [2:52]

Scale watching is a no-no [5:13]

Focusing on the wrong exercise [7:13]

Showing it off [9:18]

Rebelling against restrictive diets [11:09]

Results take time [13:18]

No guilt trips [18:15]

Spreading the positivity [20:13]

No one weight for all [23:10]

Find your support group [24:23]

Importance of muscle mass [25:28]

Finding new strength [27:16]



A lot of girls focus too much on cardio because they're afraid of lifting weights, which results in a soft physique.

If you don't follow the plan I've given, that you've paid for, that's on you. I'm not a babysitter.

Weight training eventually gives a newfound strength in everything you do. You'll feel as if you can conquer the world.

When women get together in the gym, they encourage each other. They spread positivity.

Women create a support system by motivating and encouraging each other through positivity.

When women try to improve themselves, positive reinforcement is a powerful driver.

Lifting heavy isn't one size fits all.

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