A New Kind of Recycling | Amelia Trumble
April 19, 2022

A New Kind of Recycling | Amelia Trumble


A New Kind of Recycling | Amelia Trumble

We all want to do our part in preserving our beautiful planet, but sometimes our bad behaviors get in the way. To celebrate Earth Day, Amelia Trumble joins us from Retold Recycling. Sure, we recycle glass and plastic, but what about clothes that can’t be donated to thrift stores or donation centers? From the decluttering frenzy during the pandemic to spring cleaning, figuring out what to do with your discarded clothes is now a thing of the past. Listeners get a 10% off discount to Retold Recycling with code OLAPLEX10 so you can start saving the planet today, one old towel at a time!

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Show Notes:

  • Creation of Retold [5:15]/li>
  • Surprising Stats on Thrift Stores [7:35]
  • Thorough Sorting Process with Retold [9:27]
  • Next Generation Fabric Houses [10:20]
  • What Should Actually be Donated? [11:16]
  • Access to Recycling Programs [14:33]
  • Decluttering Extravaganza [15:55]
  • Changing Behavior Through Awareness [18:18]
  • Landfills Affect Our Beautiful Spaces [19:11]
  • More Conscious of Clutter [20:08]
  • Repurposing with Creativity [21:18]
  • Retold Gives Lots of Options [27:08]
  • Partnering with Clothing Companies [28:10]
  • Power in the Hands of the Consumer [31:51]
  • Overrun Landfills International Issue [35:00]

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