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Top Ways You Damage Your Hair At Home
February 16, 2023
chemical damage

Top Ways You Damage Your Hair At Home

Your hair in 2023 is going to be healthier than ever. We're going to help you get there with OLAPLEX and by informing you of some standard daily doses of damage to look out for. Most people think they can only damage their hair if they're getting chemical services done in a salon or regularly dying their hair, but the truth is far more damage occurs in the minutia of our daily lives. For optimum healthy hair, identify the causes, and minimize damage: 


Hard water

Many people have heard of hard water, but what is it exactly? Hard water refers to any water with a higher concentration of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. If you’re wondering if your shower has hard water, the answer is probably yes! About 85% of households in the U.S. have hard water, and while it’s not harmful to drink, the minerals can leave a residue on hair as it dries, preventing moisture from fully penetrating the strands. Overtime, washing your hair with hard water can lead to numerous hair issues, such as dry hair and scalp, flat and limp hair, breakage, thinning and tangles. If you’re struggling with the effects of hard water, try installing a filter on your shower head, washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo like OLAPLEX No. 4C, and using a moisturizing hair mask like OLAPLEX No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask.



Brushing your hair


Something as simple and routine as brushing your hair can cause breakage. Often, we're brushing to detangle by any means necessary. However, when you roughly brush your hair from the top of your head downward, it is very easy to rip and damage hair, causing split ends. To avoid damage, it's best to start gently brushing hair from the bottom up, working out knots and tangles as you go so as to not put strain on the hair strands. If your hair is super tangled, you can also add a conditioner or hair oil to your strands to help your fingers or brush glide through more easily. 



Mechanical styling

In addition to damaging the hair with a brush, styling tools and accessories also do the trick. The use of bobby pins, hair ties, elastics, and clips can all break the hair. When we look to achieve a specific hairstyle, we'll often stop at nothing until it looks perfect. This means anything from a super tight ponytail to brimming the crown with bobby pins and clips. Taking a step back to be gentle with each tool, or wearing your hair down more regularly, will help maintain a more sturdy canvas.



Flat Iron, Curling Iron, Blow Dryer


Hair that experiences regular thermal styling can be in worse shape than those that receive in-salon chemical services. The constant application of heat at high degrees sizzle each strand of hair to the point of fading, dryness, and brittleness. The fact is that every time you apply heat to the hair, you're damaging it. Luckily, with OLAPLEX N°.7 Bonding Oil, you can protect the hair from heat up to 450º Fahrenheit while mitigating damage with OLAPLEX's bond building technology. However, one should still apply best practices, and one should only thermally style hair on occasion. 





Sleeping doesn't cause damage to your hair, but rubbing your head around your sheets and pillows does! You may have heard by now that some fibers cause breakage to the hair, a situation that can be mitigated by switching to silk pillowcases. It's true; this gentler fabric is easier on the hair and a quick shift in your evening routine towards healthier hair! 



The Environment + Salt or Chlorine Water


Environmental factors play a huge role in damaging the hair, particularly in harsh weather seasons like Winter and Summer. We either spend time in the wind, wet weather, or pools and oceans during hot months; each has its adverse effects on hair. Chlorine can turn hair brassy or green and strip the hair of its integrity. In comparison, the sun can cause UV damage, dryness, and breakage. OLAPLEX N°.7 Bonding Oil protects against heat up to 450ºF and is an excellent addition to your out-of-the-house routine to mitigate environmental damage.


We realize it's impossible to avoid everything; that's why regular at-home intensive treatments and moisture masks are vital using OLAPLEX N°.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment with N°.3 Hair Perfector for repair and Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for moisture. Applying these best practices with routine OLAPLEX treatments will take your 2021 hair to the next level!

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