November 01, 2019

The “Natural” Approach to Olaplex Stand Alone Treatments

Written by Guest Blogger: Robin Sjoblom

Olaplex is a great way for multi-textured, and natural curlies to revive and transition their curls without having to do the “big chop”. Heat and chemical damage on curly hair can break off curls and also cause unsightly straight pieces that hang limply around the face. Many Naturals feel that the only answer is to do… The Big Chop (that major haircut you have to get )– but Olaplex is a game changer! We at Southern Curl salon are now able to save inches more than ever before thanks to the Olaplex Stand Alone treatment!

We do a pre-consultation with every client at our salon which includes photos via text and conversation of needs over emails. If it is decided that the client needs to come in and do an Olaplex Stand Alone before before.

The “Natural” approach to Olaplex stand alone treatments: they have their first appointment, they will come in and we will send them home with the No.2 in their hair along with the instructions that they must cleanse and condition after rinsing out the treatment. Some of our clients even sleep in the No.2 and have told us they have had amazing results. The next step is the curl by curl dry cutting visit, followed by another Olaplex treatment if needed, cleanse, condition, then our bootcamp curl lesson, and style. We have seen curls that were limp and non-curling come back to happy curl formations through this process!

Here is our step-by-step tutorial for Olaplexing Multi-Texture and Natural Hair.

(Since we are dealing with curls, the approach is going to be slightly different.)

Prior to anything: Take a before photo on a clean, neutral wall. 

1. Place a couple of towels under the client’s neck. Detoxify hair with a demineralizing shampoo and add a clarifier/de-mineralizer (equal parts) with it to help remove the silicones and sulphates from the curls.

2. Lightly towel dry the curls to remove excess water.

3. Apply Olaplex No.1 to the hair with your fingers– not a comb! Work the No.1 thoroughly into the hair until you see it is fully saturated. (Combing through the hair typically snaps and breaks up the curls, making detangling very difficult. This is why we use fingers to separate, saturate, & smooth the product into the curls.)

4. Place a bowl under the client’s head to catch excess drips, so that you can re-apply product with non-spray applicator bottle a few times to ensure that the hair is thoroughly saturated.

5. Leave in for 20 minutes then apply Olaplex No.2 directly on top of the No.1.

6. Olaplex No.2 is also applied directly to the hair with fingers (no combs or brushes). Take small enough sections to ensure the head is covered with product. Process for an additional 20 minutes. (The client can sit up at this point or go home with product in the hair to be cleansed and conditioned out later.)

7. Cleanse and condition, then style and process! Send the client home with Olaplex No.3 to use weekly as a refresher. Now you can take the after photo!

Robin Sjoblom is an award winning curly hair specialist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the founder of Southern Curl ATL and guest editor for a umber of publications. You can find her on social media @SouthernCurlATL.

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