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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 18, 2020

Justin Anderson’s Power House Blondes

Apart from glistening hair color, Hollywood’s most iconic blondes have someone in common; Olaplex Ambassador, Justin Anderson. Justin has been highlighting A-Listers like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow for the big screen and red carpet for years! As an ambassador for Olaplex, one of Justin’s main goals is to provide his clients with gorgeous healthy color inside and out– especially as they’re constantly getting their hair styled and changed for movie roles.

When it comes to spilling his secrets, Justin is all about sharing! He prefers the foil method, gently weaving the hair, and painting upwards to defuse any possible lines of demarcation. Anderson loves Redken Up To 7 lightener with Olaplex in every formula as well as DP Hue Shampoos to gloss often times instead of a gloss formula! You can see him in action here on all our past highlight demos at the DP Hue House.

Here are some of our favorite of Justin’s recent healthy, shiny, color moments.

Margot Robbie 

Jennifer Aniston

Gwyneth Paltrow

Charlize Theron

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