November 01, 2019

Hair Instagram 101: The Set Up

Your client walks out of the salon after a fresh cut and color… rather than sending a photo to their friends, they’re more likely to debut their new ‘do to their followers on Instagram. These days, word of mouth travels via posts and hashtags whether it be from your existing clientele or you promoting yourself. If the thought of self-promotion or Instagram have you clueless as were to start, look no further than this beginners guide to growing your business with Instagram! 

Setting Up Your Profile Name 

This may seem like the easy part, but that’s where many people are wrong. Creating an Instagram name (or handle) one can commit to is a vital step as it is information you give repeatedly to clients and potential clients, so make sure it’s something you love! For your inspiration, many hairdressers go for something simple like their name or their and specialty, for example, @biancacolour or @chadkenyon. If possible, try to keep it one word without any special characters such as periods or underscores for the convenience of people searching for you. 

Your Bio

Tell people about yourself–but not too much–the catch is to say it all within 150 characters! Something minimal, clean, and to the point is recommended. If you’re a colorist, try something like, “Colorist and Blonde Specialist. Accepting New Clients! For appointments, call (123) 456-7890.” You may even include a tagline for your business, such as “Sun Kissed Color”. In this area you will also have the opportunity to link your website, or the website of the salon you work out of. Don’t leave it blank! Give people more to explore should they want the chance to do so. 

Profile Photo

A headshot or logo for your brand is preferred for the profile photo. Have fun with it! Show your personality (while keeping it professional) and allow people to put a face to the name! If you’re camera shy, no worries, though it may take more time and creativity, a logo can be a very effective way to help followers remember you! 


Follow hairdressers and brands you admire within your field! This is a great way to show support within the industry, but as with many social media platforms, there’s an angle to it. There’s no doubt about it, the higher you follower count, the more reputable your account appears. A beginners’ social media faux pas, is increasing your followers by following as may accounts as possible. Though one may gain followers this way, one decreases reputability this way as well. It’s advisable to keep your follower count low. A good rule of thumb, is to follow no more than 10% of the accounts that follow you. 

Now that your profile is set up it’s time to think about content! Content consists of the photos and videos that will fill your profile’s feed. Stay tuned on how to deliver amazing content to your followers on our next post! 

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