End of Summer Highlight with Kelli Christine
November 05, 2019

End of Summer Highlight with Kelli Christine

Kelli Christine is one of those colorists you go to for the facts. She has a precise way of teaching her methods that is direct and attainable. Last week, we popped into her private studio, Studio Daze, in West Hollywood, CA to watch her perform an end-of-summer highlight on a client. This service is an in-between highlight meant to transition the client from seasons and freshen their previous color appointment up a bit. Kelli uses OLAPLEX every step of the way during the process to ensure her client is left with the healthiest hair possible from start to finish and beyond.

For this service, Kelli used the baby light technique to add moments of lightness throughout the crown of the head. Babylights allow Kelli to mimic a natural, kissed by the sun effect on the hair. The type of effect being outside all summer would bring to a Fall canvas. As her client already has previous highlights, Kelli’s approach to this highlight is all about the mini treatment throughout the highlight. A pro-tip from Kelli, is to apply the highlight to the regrowth, avoiding overlapping on previously lightened ends. On the already processed ends, Kelli brushes OLAPLEX No.2 on to prevent the bleach from bleeding onto the rest of the hair and for a stellar mini treatment. This is a perfect example of OLAPLEX No.1 and No.2 working together to put the hairs integrity front and center! 

For a well blended highlight, Kelli backcombs each section to diffuse the line of demarcation. This gives the highlight a natural, sun kissed look, much like the effect the balayage technique does. It’s important to show attention to detail with each clients hair. For the money shot, you know, the very front pieces of the hairline, Kelli caters her weaving to each head. This means taking clean, exact sections, even if they’re teeny tiny– it will make all the difference for your client! 


Babylight Faceframe 

Schwarzkopf BlondeMe

20 volume + OLAPLEX No.1 

OLAPLEX No. 2, mids/ends

Root tone: Shades EQ .30oz. 7NA, .30oz. 5N, .15oz. 7P 

All over tone: Shades EQ 1oz. 9V, .50oz. 9G , .50oz. Clear 

While No. 2 treatment on apply baby root tone for 5 min. 

Root Tone: Shades EQ .30oz. 7NA  .30oz. 5N .15oz. 7P 

Applied No. 2 to the mids & ends before applying the root tone.  

End of Summer Highlight with Kelli ChristineRemove foils, pulling through the mids & ends with remaining lightener.

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