November 01, 2019

Celebrity Colorists Reveal Their Favorite Toners

What’s the secret to truly great hair? A good highlight may not reach it’s potential without a fabulous tone and a tone may go unnoticed without the canvas of a beautiful highlight. Furthermore, what are either of those without healthy hair to keep it 100? So, perhaps flawless technique paired with a fabulous formula on healthy tresses is the secret to great hair. In fact, the number one question we get asked most during @Olaplex Livestreams is: “What toner is she/he going to use?”

We love when artists empower one another by sharing ideas and spreading knowledge. That’s why we sat down with some of our favorite celebrity colorists to ask them what toners are go-tos in their color arsenal. You know, to make the secret, not so secret.

“I love Wella t18 for platinum blondes. I find it gives me the iciest tones and cancels all yellow. When adding golden tones back to a highlighted blonde, I love Shades EQ zp 8gg and 9aa equal parts plus a splash of 8c–running this over the highlighted hair for a few minutes adds a bit of gold back to the hair.”Justin Anderson, @justinandersoncolor, Chris McMillan Salon

“My favorite toner for blondes is Loreal Dialight 10.21 and clear with 6vol. It gets the hair slightly ashy but still bright, shiny, and not dull. For brunettes I love Loreal Dialight 7.12 with 6 vol. It gets rid of brassy tones really good! If someone wants to be slightly golden blonde I love Loreal Dialight 10.13 with 6 vol.”Nikki Lee, @nikkilee901, Nine Zero One Salon

“Pravana is great for fantasy colors. To keep the colors rich and vibrant with great pastel fade I like to add extra heat for richness. For bases, I love Dialight 8.1 + 9 or 15 volume to rid of any warmth and keep it rich. For coarse haired blondes: Dialight at the root: 9.01 + 9 vol then all over 9.01 10.12 and clear so it doesn’t go too grey. For fine haired blondes I use Shades EQ with 9n 9t 9g at the roots then 9n 9t 9g and clear all over to dilute and not get too ashy/green.”Bianca Hillier, @biancacolour, Andy Lecompte Salon

“For medium ashy blondes I like Shades EQ 20 ml 8n + 5ml 9v + 5ml 8gn!”Chad Kenyon, @colorbychadkenyon, Ramirez Tran Salon

To eliminate any red tones, I love Lakme /17. I love to tone my platinums with Evo Fabuloso Platinum Conditioner diluted with Olaplex No.2. I also like adding Shades EQ nw for warmth without any orange tones.” – Sara Lim, @slim_color, Ramirez Tran Salon

“One of my go to toners for ashy balayage on Asian hair is Dialight 1/2 9.12 1/2 9.11. I like using a level 9 on Asian hair most of the time because level 10 usually isn’t enough to get a sought after ashy tone. One of my favorites for icy, white blondes is Redken mostly clear, about 2/3 clear 1/3 9v and splash of 9b. Recently I’ve been obsessed with Pravana’s new color lush line– they have a 7A with a green underlining pigment and it legit cuts all warmth on brunettes… sometimes I mix it with 7s. They are both BOMB!” Jessica Gonzalez, @jesstheebesttcolor

“I’m a Redken Shades EQ lover– it is my go to for toning! If I want something darker or deeper I use Richesse. 5g 7gb and 7nb in Shades EQ is my go-to and I love all the N’S in Richesse.”Cherin Choi, @mizzchoi, Benjamin Salon

“I love Redken Shades EQ equal parts of 9gb+ 9v + clear+ cap of 8c to tone blondes that lifted to a level 9 and want a neutral but creamy tone. I love this! For more grab, do same the formula with 8v and 1.5 caps of 8c.”Matt Rez, @colorbymattrez, Meche Salon


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