Using Human Hair to Measure Urban Pollution
April 11, 2022

Using Human Hair to Measure Urban Pollution


Using Human Hair to Measure Urban Pollution | Pareid

Déborah López and Hadin Charbel are the Founders and Architects of Pareid, an interdisciplinary design and research studio in Europe. They conducted an extensive study and collaborated with Professor Alberto Salomone from the University of Turin. They had economical support from Matter of Trust and the Spanish Embassy in Bangkok. Their goal was to measure the amount of pollution in certain areas by utilizing hair as a measuring tool.

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The birth of Pareid [2:31]

The hair project [3:45]

Not just about hair samples [5:34]

Conclusion from the study [12:06]

The changing perception of hair [17:48]

Reactions to the Pareid project [20:19]

Challenge of the notion of beauty [21:58]



When hair is on your head, you cherish it. When it's cut, it becomes disgusting.

What we do and what we consume is reflected in our bodies like a sensor.

Our study at Pareid showed the large impact the environment has on our bodies.

Some viewers of Pareid's hair project were instantly incentivized to touch it and check if it was real.

Pareid's hair project challenges the typical notions of beauty.

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