True Color (Tracey Cunningham)
May 17, 2021

True Color (Tracey Cunningham)

True Color(Tracey Cunningham)

My guest today is Tracey Cunningham. Her clients are among the most sought-after women of stage and screen - from JLo to Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron to Toni Collette, Jennifer Garner to Jessica Biel. She treats her clients like family who have been guided and styled by her for years. And now with the release of her new book, True Color, we all get to be guided by her brilliance.

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Tracey’s new book, True color [1:40]

Tracey’s background [7:16]

What Tracey looks for in an assistant [13:48]

The growth of a business has a lot to do with having a good relationship with customers [17:10]

Top 3 tips for what to look in a salon [18:22]

What memory stands out from Tracey’s first job as a colorist [20:05]

Tracey talks about her client, Lana Del Rey [23:46]





No wonder color's a billion-dollar business. It's anti-age. So, we don't first start doing anti-age with creams and Botox. It's hair, its hair color.

So, let's be honest, there are a lot of people that get into our field because they don't know what to do. Then you have the people who just automatically somehow knew how to do hair. 

It doesn't matter who is my lead assistant. That's not what's gonna make you the best hair colorist in the world. You doing color is gonna make you the best hair colorist in the world. 

If you hire somebody, and they're a great colorist or a great stylist, take the time to train them at what they're bad at. Because it makes them more of a well-rounded person.

I'm not so worried about the person who's so great at everything. I'm looking for a person who can do some hair. That's who you want on the floor, that's how you grow your business. 

Sometimes the colorist next to you didn't do a great job, but that customer keeps coming back. And it's because that customer loves that stylist. We are definitely in the relationship business.

When looking for a salon, l certainly wouldn't trust an Instagram photo. There's a lot of magic you can do on those apps.

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