The World is a Better Place With You In It (Tanaye White)
July 19, 2021

The World is a Better Place With You In It (Tanaye White)

The World is a Better Place With You In It(Tanaye White)

In today's episode, I'm speaking with Tanaye White, who will be appearing for the second time in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition on July 20, 2021. Tonight gives us an insider scoop on the grueling process of the casting call for the Sports Illustrated. But also what happened when she told him she wanted to wear her hair natural for that shoot, and why she did it.

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Tanaye’s background [0:32]

Social media specialist is a career [4:54]

The fear of sharing too much information online [9:13]

Tanaye working with Sports Illustrated [10:07]

Clients don’t ask about feelings [17:33]

The power of representation [20:17]

Diverse styling has a long way to go [25:56]

>It’s okay to speak out [31:45]

Tanaye’s advice to someone that is in their early 20s [34:20]

I hate to fail [36:17]



A lot of people are a bit hesitant about the power of social media. But it's something that you can't really put off anymore. If you want to have a business, you need to have social media.

Even as a model, it's social media-focused. When you walk into a casting now it's your first and last name, then your Instagram handle. Brands need to know who they're working with. 

I feel empowered to represent people who have natural hair, not only in the SI world but also outside in the modeling industry, simply because we don't see enough of it. 

You are going to be seen, heard and valued because you have people like me now who can represent that for you. And because you see it, you can aspire to achieve it yourself.

Growing up Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell were the only black models who I could really aspire to and neither of them looked like me. I wondered where I fit in, and would I need to conform? 

There is a need for hair knowledge in the industry, simply because when you damage someone's hair you are technically ruining that model's brand and their chance of booking a new client.

It's okay to speak out and speak to someone about what you're going through. You're not crazy, you're not going through it alone. Get the help because you matter and you're meant to be here.

Any and every dream you've ever wanted, write it down. I think that when you write it, sort of like speaking it, you're able to connect with it more and it seems more tangible. 

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