The Psychology of Sustainable Weight Loss
November 03, 2021

The Psychology of Sustainable Weight Loss

The Psychology of Sustainable Weight Loss | Steph Grasso

Today's guest is Steph Grasso. She's a dietitian with over a million followers on Tiktok and tons of followers on Instagram. She gives practical advice on what small changes you can make to eat healthier without feeling guilty, and at the same time, potentially lose a few pounds. 

This podcast is to bring information and different perspectives on a variety of topics. But you should always consult with a professional or doctor that can speak to your needs.

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Steph’s background [0:30]

As a dietician, I teach balance and moderation [4:46]

The media and picture-perfect health [6:04]

What is intuitive eating? [9:10]

The psychology of sustainable weight loss [12:12]

What is your personal definition of health? [14:57]

Basic staples for a healthy diet [18:38]

My tip for drinking more water [21:34]

Healthy carbs give you vital energy [25:07]



It isn't "all or nothing" with your diet. Life happens, and that has an impact on your eating behaviors. You can learn how to be flexible. I love teaching balance and moderation.

Sometimes the media shows a picture of health that can be toxic. The people I follow are happy about their bodies, intuitive eaters, and proud of what their bodies can do.

Intuitive eating is having a connection with the body that respects and your hunger and fullness cues and trusts what you feel you need to be physically and mentally nourished.

Cravings can be your emotions talking. Your body might say, “I need ice cream.” Ice cream produces serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Respond by doing something that makes you feel good.

I'm working with a lot of patients for weight loss and it's all psychological, understanding what's going on in the brain and how we can tweak it to make small, sustainable changes.

So you want to be healthy? Well what does health mean to you, at the deepest level? Find that, and you will find the motivation to keep going when you want to give up.

Healthy fats make you feel full longer. My go-to is hemp seeds! Sprinkle them on your smoothie, salads, soups, and pasta. They have a creamy taste and are full of Omega-3s and 6s.

Basic staples for a healthy diet can be convenient, affordable, and nutritious. My personal favorites are frozen vegetables, eggs for protein, and hemp seeds for healthy fat.

Carbs get a bad reputation, but we need them. Just choose wisely. Pair healthy carbs which fuel your body, with a protein that helps you feel full, and you have a balanced meal.

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