Make Your Small Business Thrive | Britt Seva
November 04, 2022

Make Your Small Business Thrive | Britt Seva

Make Your Small Business Thrive | Britt Seva

The busy season is almost upon us, and we want to talk about small businesses. This is the time to gear up! How do you stand out in this recession? How do you grab someone’s attention? In the beauty industry, we turn to Britt Seva, founder of The Thriving Stylist, and she’s worked with small businesses across the board. Britt talks to us about becoming more organized and having intention in your business, charging your worth, and living a holistically wealthy lifestyle. We also talk about the effects of the recession and how the pandemic has changed consumers’ behaviors.

Britt Seva is a business coach and CEO & Founder of Thrivers Society. She started behind a chair in a salon, and now Britt helps stylists and salon owners everywhere to create wealthy lives and thriving businesses. 



  • From Stylist to Business Coach [2:24]
  • Learning Social Media for Business [7:10]
  • Keep Consistent Without Burnout [11:49]
  • Find Your X Factor [13:40]
  • Creating Boundaries Within Your Business [17:38]
  • Finding Balance in the Hustle [20:49]
  • To Automate or Not to Automate? [24:17]
  • Finding Opportunity in a Recession [30:23]

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