Live Regret Free
August 11, 2021

Live Regret Free

Live Regret Free 

Today we have an award-winning global speaker of 25 years and the founder of the Too Much Woman Movement, Gina Hatzis. Today, Gina shares techniques she teaches hundreds of 1000s of women to best achieve the confidence and self-trust we all need to create true magnetism.

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Don’t be afraid to dance with fear [1:20]

We are socialized not to trust ourselves [4:08]

If we don’t trust we second guess [6:21]

Thirst trap can be a toxic term [8:34]

Don’t break your own heart [14:40]

They won’t always rescue you back [17:39]

Speak up and have an opinion [20:00]

Stop wearing someone else’s mask [23:51]



If we're not dancing with fear on a regular basis, we're living too softly. We're treading too carefully. We're not living the fullest highest expression of our lives. 

We're going to encounter fear in the light of living our highest best purpose, or we're going to do that in a box. I want to encourage all of us to dance intentionally with that fear. 

Self-trust is to confidence, what peanut butter is to jelly. I use a lot of food metaphors because food is life, but they go hand in hand with one another.

As women, we are consistently groomed to not trust our feelings, thoughts, desires, and bodies, which leaves us in this hamster wheel of analysis paralysis about everything.

The degree to which you're living truly by your values is the degree to which you're happy. Full stop, period, line in the sand. 

Trying to be anything outside of what feels true for us, is just wearing another mask. If you're wearing one mask, but trying to emulate someone else, you're just wearing another mask.

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