Just Peachy (Chia Habte)
July 06, 2021

Just Peachy (Chia Habte)

Just Peachy (Chia Habte)

I am really happy because today we have Chia Habte. She is a beauty and lifestyle influencer with millions of followers on her YouTube channel, Instagram page and on her blog, Just Peachy.

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Chia’s background [0:51]
How Chia met Tim [3:00]
Motherhood and blogging [5:47]
Going natural [10:29]
Chia’s hair care routine [14:27]
Embrace your hair [16:23]
Just Peachy’s new content [18:48]
Yoga changes you [25:18]
Feeling put together [32:23]


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You could be a mess and your house can be upside down. But if your nails look good, then you're like, okay, this is okay. My life is okay.

I have been an OLAPLEX fan since the beginning. Since number three came out, I was like what is this magic gold? I need it.

I decided to embrace everything and go on a natural hair journey. We chopped it. I could see my natural texture coming through. And I was like, okay, I think I can do this.

Where I was from textured hair wasn't common. It was hard. But now that you see it more on social media, the message that I like to pass on to young girls is to embrace your hair.

Growing up there weren't a lot of girls that looked like me, salons had no idea how to treat my hair. But in California, it was so nice to see stylists that knew how to work with my type of hair.

If I look a mess, I have no makeup on and my clothes are blah. If I just put my gold hoops on. I'm like, okay, I feel better.

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