Clean Beauty with Erin Williams @ Erin’s Faces
April 19, 2021

Clean Beauty with Erin Williams @ Erin’s Faces

Clean Beauty with Erin Williams @ Erin’s Faces

Today’s guest is Erin Williams, the founder of the clean beauty brand, Erin’s Faces. For over 20 years, Erin has worked alongside some of the top makeup artists and skincare experts in the world. This led to her founding Erin’s Faces, where she focuses on empowerment, education, and inclusivity. 

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What clean beauty means [01:30]

How Erin navigates what’s true and what’s not [04:11]

How Erin’s Faces started [11:14]

Erin’s Faces’ mascara [17:36]




Everybody's line in the sand is different for what ingredients they think are acceptable or not within clean beauty. So, that's the challenge with it, it's not just one thing.

Something that defines clean beauty is sustainability, and that's in your ingredient decks. Not just how it affects us, but how it affects the earth once you wash it down the drain. 

Everybody's version of what is acceptable is different. But, I am a fan of safe synthetics because they are backed by studies, they are clinically proven, and it's documented.

If you have a mascara that's going to treat your lashes like a lash serum; volumize, lengthen and also treat your lashes. I think that to me is a game-changer for mascara. 

The woman who wears mascara only. If she's going out for an evening and that's dressing up for her, is just as valid and just as beautiful as the woman who wants to do the whole thing. 

I think if we can stop judging each other and be like, that makes you happy, that makes you feel confident, that makes you feel good. Whatever that is for us should be enough. 

You have to buy four mascaras every year. Every three months, you have to replace your mascara. Between your eyes and the mascara, it's just a breeding ground for bacteria. 

I don't like when people use fear to sell a product, it just turns me off completely. I'm about educating people, and I want people to do what's right for them.  

I like the concept of conscious beauty because it's thoughtful. I think giving ourselves the ability to make choices based on what feels appropriate for us is important.

If you are new to clean beauty, start with just one product. Do a dive on that and then see if you like it. 

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