Celebrating the Self-Expression of 50+
August 03, 2021

Celebrating the Self-Expression of 50+

Celebrating the Self-Expression of 50+ 

Today I'm speaking with fashion stylist, and designer, Carla Rockmore, whose recent rise on social media only underscores her decades of experience with fashion. As both a stylist and designer, Carla shares her vast knowledge and her closet with us to give us simple steps that you can incorporate today to elevate your personal style to the next level.

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Carla’s background [0:31]

Clash your way to high fashion [4:38]

The first step is to follow the rainbow [6:56]

If you can only get one pair [10:50]

Let’s talk color sophistication [12:54]

Carla’s closet [13:41]

The look is more important than the label [15:14]

Fashion is cyclical [15:58]

Let your accessories pick your clothing [26:37]

Buy it if it makes you happy [27:56]

Staple items that is easy to accessorize with [35:01]

Start curating your own sense of style [41:08]





One day I get up and feel like I want to dress in a very classic Mary Poppins, kind of Old English feel. And the next day I might get up and feel like I'm Janis Joplin.

Learn to embrace the colors you were taught not to put together. Throw all of that away. It's ok to gravitate to the colors you love and pair them with their closest family member. 

If you have money for one pair of shoes, make it brown, not black. Even if you wear a pair of black pants, a brown loafer is much more European, chic and classy than a black shoe.

I have couture, I have designer, but I also have Zara, and I also have COS and I love it all. I don't think a label is as important as a look. 

I usually think of the accessory before the clothing. I gravitate towards accessories; hats, belts, shoes, bags, and jewelry are my jam. The clothing is just the filler for me. 

Navy has become my best friend because Navy is just a softer black. It’s just as easily paired, in fact, more so than black. I like black with black, black with white, black with grey.

Start curating a closet of your own definition of style. Look at the trends and see what's happening, but that doesn't matter as much as curating your own sense of self.

Here's the thing about trends. If something's not speaking to you, don't go there. If you love something, and you keep gravitating towards it, it's ok to keep buying it. 

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