Exterior Highlight with OLAPLEX Ambassador Bianca Hillier
November 01, 2019

Exterior Highlight with OLAPLEX Ambassador Bianca Hillier

This week we popped into the Andy Lecompte Salon in Beverly Hills to learn about Exterior Highlights from OLAPLEX Ambassador, Bianca Hillier. Exterior highlights are different from full or partial highlights. They’re customized highlights at the exterior of the hair, such as the hairline, top of the head, and back of the head that are ideal for clients who don’t want a full session. Think wanting to look super fresh for a special event like a wedding, graduation, or party. The application itself runs about 15 minutes and provides just enough glow to make clients feel like a million again!
For this service, Bianca used Redken Flashlift 1:2 + 25 vol + 1/16th oz OLAPLEX No.1. “I want to freshen up her hair and get rid of any dark patches that are notable at the exterior.” said Bianca. She always uses a Framar brush for balayage application. Her tips on how to achieve a clean, precise application? Always keep your brush clean by wiping it on a damp towel after each application. Speaking of brushes, never use your application brush to mix your lightener. Use a separate brush specifically to mix the lighter, that way the bristles on the application brush are kept tidy and in tact, providing flawless strokes.

“We’re taking fairly large sections. I don’t want to over highlight. Just getting all the little spots of darkness and painting areas where we want to see light.” says Bianca. Another tip Bianca has for creating moments of light throughout the head is covering the areas she knows her clients will gravitate too, such as painting the hair that would be tucked behind her clients ear. This is an area Bianca notices dark holes the most often and is ideal for an exterior highlight!

Hiller adds, “An exterior is just an update. it’s a mini refresher if the client has an event but they already have highlights and they don’t want a full highlight. The exterior is the area everyone can see, when the client looks in the mirror, when they walk down the street. This service is going to cover all those areas. That is what an exterior does.” Although the light that is being painted on is more spread out, Bianca still stresses the importance of placement. The placement should be just as precise as a regular highlight!

More Exterior Highlight Tips:

Leave the hair line out for last so it doesn’t break while the head is processing. 
Bring the hairline highlights all the way up so they can really contour the face and enhance the clients features.
Use OLAPLEX every single step of the way, from using No.1 in your formulations, No.2 at the bowl, to No.6 and No.7 for styling.

OLAPLEX Ambassador Bianca Hillier can be found at Andy Lecompte Salon in West Hollywood, CA and on Instagram @biancacolour. Use #Olaplex to show us if you used this service! 

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